What Umbrella is best for Stormy Weather? - Brave the storms with a windproof umbrella

14 February 2020  |  Admin

What Umbrella is best for Stormy Weather? - Brave the storms with a windproof umbrella

Another weekend, another storm. Or at least that's how the weather is feeling just now in the UK. Last weekend we had the very treacherous Storm Ciara, and this weekend we are due to experience Storm Dennis. These two storms have book-ended a week of punctuated heavy snowfall and rainfall throughout the UK. So we hope that you are all staying safe this and not venturing out if at all possible.

It does however appear that this year's winter is going to be a very rainy and blustery one, with deep Atlantic lows reaching our shores thanks to the conveyor belt of the jet stream. So, if you do need to brave the weather this season, it is always worth keeping a trusty umbrella with you at all times.

We have a range of umbrellas that are ideal for windier conditions, so we thought we would add our suggested pick to this week's blog as some possible options for you to choose from.

What Umbrella is best for Stormy Weather?

First and foremost, we would suggest looking at the Blunt range of umbrellas. These continue to be favourites with our customers, and have sold well since we started selling them a few years ago. The Blunt Umbrella company was founded in 1999 as its founder, Grieg Brebner, spotted some of the undeniable flaws in the standard umbrella design. He then set out to revolutionise umbrella design to make them wind resistant, robust and aerodynamic, while also taking away the traditional spikes that can pose a poking hazard! Blunt umbrellas have been field-tested in winds up to force 12 (117 km/h) and have expanded their range to include Golf, Classic and Folding Designs in a range of colours. They are the perfect choice for stormy days! You can see the full Brolliesgalore range of Blunt Umbrellas here.
Another choice is the Performance Range from German manufacturers, Fare. We recently started selling these in Autumn 2019, and the entire Fare range has been very popular with our customers, as they have all been designed with stormy weather in mind. No umbrella is perfect and infallible, but the Fare Windbeater Performance Umbrellas come close as they provide a robust and lightweight flexible fibreglass frame that withstands inversion, while also providing excellent waterproofing and canopy coverage thanks to its large walking-length Teflon coated canopy, keeping you well-sheltered from the rain. We have featured the classic black version of this umbrella, below, which is perfect for every day use, but we also have this model available in Grey too. Why not also visit our Fare Performance Umbrella category to see the full range available?
A final choice today comes from our vented range of umbrellas. These offer windproofing by means of a vent in the canopy, allowing the wind to pass through easily, lessening the chance of inversion, while still keeping you protected from the rain. Made by British Umbrella manufacturers, Fulton, the Stormshield Vented Umbrella is the perfect choice if you need a large canopied golf umbrella, that is also robust in windy conditions. It is the perfect choice on stormy days thanks to its lightweight extra-strong fibreglass & polypropylene frame featuring unique vents designed to make this umbrella wind resistant and reduce the risk of turning inside out. The rubberised handle provides a comfortable grip and the umbrella also features a pinch proof runner on a sturdy shaft for ease of use. The extra large golf sized canopy provides generous coverage, and the canopy is made from high performance polyester pongee. This is also available in a range of different colours. Why not visit our full range of Vented Umbrellas at Brolliesgalore today and browse our range?
If you liked these, please let us know in the comments below, or on our social media channels. Be sure to also visit our Windproof Umbrellas and Vented Umbrellas sections to browse our entire range.  Which umbrella would you prefer or recommend for stormy weather?