An umbrella is a wonderful fashion accessory as well as an indispensable tool for your everyday life. In our online store, you will find an eclectic selection of quality umbrellas of many different colours, sizes, shapes and styles! But among all our products, which colour umbrella should you choose? Which of our colour umbrellas are best-suited for sun protection and why? Finally, should you buy a plain-coloured umbrella or one with designs and patterns?



Bright-coloured umbrellas: If you need to brighten up your day

Are you looking for an easy and instantaneous way to pep up your mood? Treat yourself to a plain-coloured violet purple, soft green, aqua blue, red, orange, or golden yellow umbrella. These bright-coloured items will make you feel energized in all circumstances! Compared to dark colours, they help keep a cool temperature under the canopy.

Pink and lilac umbrellas: If you are in a bohemian mood

 A lilac, pale pink or lavender umbrella is perfect for accessorizing a fluid summer dress. Its pastel colours will bring a touch of refinery and softness to your outfit. For an even more romantic and bohemian look, you can choose to carry one of our gorgeous heart-shaped umbrellas. They are available for delivery in many colours including ivory, cream, pink, red and purple.


Fine arts umbrellas: If you want to display your passion for European painters

Are you obsessed with nineteenth-century masterpieces? Then you are going to love our selection of fine arts umbrellas. Each of them is a love letter to a painting by William Turner, Claude Monet, Edgar Degas, Auguste Renoir, Vincent Van Gogh, the Douanier Rousseau, Gustave Caillebotte or even Gustav Klimt.


Patterned umbrellas: If you love to stand out from the crowd

Do you wish to add a dash of panache to your look? Settle on an umbrella with printed patterns inspired by bird art, butterfly art, flower art, dog art or cat art. This type of umbrella will go nicely with an all-black outfit, with a plain-coloured dress or even with more casual clothes (such as a pair of high-waist jeans and a white T-shirt).


Designer umbrellas: If you believe that fashion is a way of life

A designer umbrella is an indispensable accessory to any fashion fan‘s wardrobe. Most of today’s trendiest brands and fashion geniuses (such as Joules, Chantal Thomass, Guy de Jean, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Morris & Co, Lulu Guinness, Pasotti or Pierre Vaux have already created their own collection of umbrellas. Learn more about them in our online shop!





UVP pagoda umbrellas: If your look needs an exotic touch

Our patterned UVP pagoda umbrellas are as original as they are useful for a nice stroll under the summer sun. Thanks to their pointed tip and scalloped edge, they will add a unique touch of exoticism to your look.


Soake Metallic Dome Animal Print Umbrellas: If you are an explorer at heart

Get ready for the most stylish safari of your existence with these Soake metallic dome UV-protective animal print umbrellas. Their golden giraffe, golden zebra and silver snake patterns were directly inspired by African wildlife. These incredibly original umbrellas will shelter you from the sun, while helping you shade in the savannah!


Fare’s SPF50+ UV-protective umbrellas: If you cherish efficiency and innovation

 In stock, we have many UV-protective two-tone umbrellas with a wind-resistant frame, an automatic push-button opening system and a comfortable soft-touch handle. These quality umbrellas are available in many colours such as black and gold, black and red, black and silver or grey and copper. These will perfectly protect you from the rain as well as from the sun.


Pierre Vaux’s UVP parasols: If you are a modern romantic

Pierre Vaux’s collection of luxury UVP parasols is a feast for the eyes. Each umbrella, lovingly handmade, is adorned with a subtle mix of fine embroidery, quality linen and sumptuous lace patterns. Moreover, these elegant parasols feature a high-IQ UV protection (which filtrates much of the harmful radiation contained in ultraviolet rays) and are waterproof.



Plain-coloured umbrellas: An infinite number of possibilities

The main advantage of plain-coloured umbrellas is that they are available in a wide range of colours, from the most sober ones (like black, anthracite, navy blue, slate blue, ivory, white or grey) to the brightest ones (such as fuchsia pink, aqua blue, neon green, orange, yellow, wine red or violet). Therefore, you can match them with almost any clothing item while exploring an endless number of colour combinations.


Patterned umbrellas: An occasion to experiment with your style

At first glance, it seems obvious that patterned umbrellas are hard to match with clothes and shoes. Yet, most of these accessories go nicely with any type of plain-coloured outfit. The key to carrying a patterned umbrella with style is to avoid wearing multi-coloured or patterned clothes at the same time. This does not always apply to discrete patterns like small dots or tiles, which can easily be paired with a patterned, multicoloured outfit.


Rainbow umbrellas: The perfect compromise

If you still can’t decide whether to buy a plain-coloured or a patterned umbrella, you have three choices: you can either buy several different umbrellas (for instance, a plain-coloured one and a patterned one), you can settle on a rainbow umbrella or you can treat yourself to a double canopy umbrella. Rainbow umbrellas are the perfect accessory for indecisive shoppers who are looking for the perfect balance between classicism and inventiveness. A wide range of rainbow umbrellas is available in our online shop, from the rainbow swirl to the clear dome umbrella (with a multicolour trim), the 24-rib classic stick umbrella, the pagoda umbrella, the giant rainbow golf umbrella, the windfighter performance rainbow umbrella and even the children’s walking-length rainbow umbrella!


Double-canopy umbrellas: A well-kept secret

Finally, you will find in our online shop a choice of quality double-canopy umbrellas, such as Pasotti’s double-canopy luxury umbrellas or Fulton’s Bloomsbury double-canopy umbrellas. Under their plain-coloured (and often black) outer canopy, these elegant umbrellas hide the most gorgeous printed patterns.