How to choose the right umbrellas and parasols for your wedding?

The key to an unforgettable wedding party is a perfect organization! Anticipating and planning every detail will help you enjoy the most beautiful day of your life and focus on what matters the most: celebrating love with your friends, family and spouse. This, of course, applies to weather conditions. You cannot control the weather but you can choose the most stylish umbrellas and sun parasols for your wedding! These accessories are essential to any successful wedding, because they will shelter your spouse and your guests from the rain and the sun. They can also be used as the ultimate accessory for your wedding photos. But which umbrellas and parasols should you choose for this special occasion?

In this buying guide, you will find the best tips to select the most beautiful wedding umbrellas and sun parasols.

The best umbrellas for a bride

A gorgeous wedding umbrella is the cherry on top of your bridal outfit. However, the choice of the perfect accessory is not a mere practical formality: the shape of the canopy, design and colour of your umbrella will play an essential role in setting the tone and the style of your wedding. Here is a selection of some of the most elegant wedding umbrellas for women.

White, ivory and cream wedding umbrellas: Fifty shades of white

White is the quintessential wedding colour. It symbolizes purity, innocence and the beauty of new beginnings. There are many types of white, cream, beige and ivory wedding umbrellas, each with its own tint, style and shape. For example, cream lace parasols add a dash of Victorian refinement to a wedding outfit. As for frilled ivory umbrellas, classic white pagoda umbrellas and transparent birdcage umbrellas, they are a perfect combination of simplicity and modernity.

Heart-shaped and designer umbrellas: A pinch of creativity

Wedding umbrellas can give a touch of originality to your bridal outfit. The secret to a perfect match between a wedding umbrella (or parasol) and a wedding dress is for you to play on a series of subtle contrasts between colours, fabrics and shapes. Thus, a heart-shaped umbrella will highlight the originality of an ivory mini-dress or a tea-length dress, while a Pasotti umbrella with a crystal handle, a Chantal Thomass or a cancan Guy de Jean umbrella will counterbalance the classicism of a long, white ball gown.



Our Selection of Umbrellas for the groom

Umbrellas are indispensable accessories for a groom. They can enhance the silhouette, colour and design of his suit, while sheltering him from the rain if needed.

Large umbrellas and plain-coloured umbrellas: The perfect choice
Ideally, the groom’s umbrella should match the wedding decoration, as well as the bridesmaids’ dresses and, of course, the style of his bride’s wedding dress. For instance, if you plan on wearing an A-line bohemian gown with a floral tiara, your future husband could carry a simple brown umbrella, an anthracite grey one or a long umbrella with a wooden crook handle.

Luxury umbrellas: Stand out from the crowd!
If you are arranging a wedding with a unique and original theme (such as Camden Town alternative fashion, fairy tales or Halloween), take a look at our Pasotti umbrellas with red leather or chrome skull handles. Carrying one of these luxury umbrellas is the best way for a groom to walk the aisle with style and panache.

Simple black umbrellas: When style meets elegance
If the groom is fond of tradition and sobriety, he will enjoy carrying a simple black, charcoal or navy-blue umbrella. Such timeless classics offer the advantage of going nicely with any type and colour of wedding dress, umbrella or parasol that you, the bride, may choose to buy. For more practicability, give the groom an umbrella with a wide coverage and an automatic opening canopy.


The bride and groom under one canopy

The large-canopied Chauffeur umbrella, available in white and ivory, offers plenty of room to get the bride and groom underneath. This is the perfect prop for wedding photographs and a popular choice with our customers.

Our choice of umbrellas for your wedding guests
Just like you and your better half, your wedding guests deserve the best accessories! Surprise them with the most beautiful umbrellas and don’t hesitate to use these props in order to express your tastes, as well as your sense of fashion and your personality.

Pagoda and see-through umbrellas: The details that make all the difference
Keep in mind that your guests’ umbrellas should reflect the overall atmosphere of your wedding, especially if you are planning a themed event or if you have chosen a unique venue. For example, ivory pagoda umbrellas with scalloped edges will match the bucolic mood of a countryside wedding, while POE see-through umbrellas will complement the more contemporary decoration of a city wedding.

Plain-coloured event umbrellas: A simple and effective choice
You prefer to adopt a classic style for your wedding? Why not provide your guests with simple, unisex, walking-length umbrellas? These accessories feature an automatic opening mechanism and are available in a wide range of colours. If you cannot settle on one tint in particular, we recommend buying two sets of umbrellas of two different shades, which will match the colour combination of your wedding decoration (such as ivory and fuchsia pink, red and white or pink and black).


A wide range of sun umbrellas for your wedding

If you are organizing a summer wedding in an outside venue, don’t forget to bring sun parasols for you, for the groom, for the bridesmaids and for the guests! While many fear rain on their wedding day, the sun being strong during an outdoor ceremony or celebration can affect just as much your big day. You can easily prevent this by bringing sun parasols to keep you and your guest cool in the shade of a sophisticated and romantic umbrella. With the wide collection of wedding sun parasols available on Brolliesgalore you will not have to compromise your style, but instead it will add that je ne sais quoi!

Lace wedding parasols: A sure value for a stylish wedding
Lace parasols are a perfect blend of sobriety and originality. While the romantic beauty of a white, cream or ivory lace parasol is suitable to the solemnity of a wedding, a black lace umbrella can add a dash of creativity to your outfit. If you cannot choose between a black and a white lace parasol, why not choose a cream and black parasol?

Chinese paper parasols: The ideal wedding favours
Chinese paper and bamboo parasols offer an effective protection from the sun while bringing a slight touch of the exotic to your wedding. In comparison with other types of sun parasols (such as lace parasols or UV-protective models), Chinese paper parasols have the distinctive feature of serving as decorative objects once the wedding is over. Therefore, they can be used as wedding favours!


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