Umbrellas are among the most versatile everyday objects, since they act as both fashion accessories and useful devices. Indeed, the perfect umbrella should highlight and embellish your look while providing reliable protection against rainfall, harmful ultraviolet rays and violent winds.

As you can see in our online store, each quality umbrella comes with its own special technical features. For instance, if you need to buy a windproof umbrella, there are certain characteristics that you should be specifically looking for.

But what are these characteristics and what is a windproof umbrella? What is it that distinguishes a windproof umbrella from a UV-protective umbrella or a parasol? What are some of the best windproof umbrellas available for sale in our online store? Finally, which criteria should you prioritize when shopping for the perfect windproof umbrella?

You will learn all this and much more in this shopping guide.



First, let us present to you some of the technical features that distinguish windproof umbrellas from other umbrellas.

An almost unbreakable frame and canopy

 The efficiency and reliability of a windproof umbrella has a lot to do with the solidity of its fibreglass, metal frame or the fabric of the canopy. While the ribs and shaft of a conventional umbrella frame are likely to break in violent winds, the structure of a premium-quality windproof umbrella will simply bend & flex against the wind.


A sturdy but flexible design

 A good windproof umbrella should be built around a solid but flexible frame. Why? Because under bad meteorological conditions, even the structure of the most wind-resistant umbrella can tend to invert. Thanks to their flexibility, windproof umbrellas can fully invert without breaking.


Well-engineered materials

 Wind-resistant umbrellas are usually more ergonomic than conventional umbrellas. Manufacturers carefully select each part according to its design, conception, shape, size and strength. A robust frame, canopy and handle made from quality materials, provide more flexibility, more stretchiness, less physical inertia and reduced breakability.




Here at Brolliesgalore, we specialize in the retail sale of premium-quality umbrellas. If you are looking for a sturdy windproof umbrella, take a look at our selection.


The Stormking: A timeless classic

 Soake’s Stormkings are among the sturdiest walking-length windproof umbrellas available while being affordable. The collection includes models in a tasteful, sober design as well as in a patterned and art-print composition with a large canopy that perfectly matches the super-strong fibreglass structure. Each model is also available in folding and walking-length versions.


Blue Drop’s wind-resistant umbrella: A perfect mix of elegance and sturdiness

With its lightweight and strong fibreglass construction, this automatic umbrella will protect you from the wind without breaking. At the same time, it is a stylish fashion accessory: you will love its multicoloured polka dots and its elegant crook handle!


Performance windfighter and windbeater umbrellas: Always a safe bet

Fare Umbrellas is a trendsetting brand in the field of windproof and UV-protective umbrellas. Their windfighter, windbeater and golf umbrellas offer protection against strong winds and rains and keep you dry under any circumstances.


Fare’s UV-protective two-tone umbrella: A multi-purpose product

Thanks to their premium-quality windproof frame and UV-protective canopy, these walking-length umbrellas offer a double protection against the sun and the wind. They are available in black and red, as well as in black and silver, black and gold and lastly grey and copper.


Blunt’s classic and folding Metro umbrellas: A new perspective on umbrellas

If you are fond of innovation and avant-garde, you will love Blunt’s take on windproof umbrellas. Their collection of folding and classic umbrellas is available in mint, black, blue, charcoal, navy blue, green, pink, red and yellow. Each of these windproof umbrellas features an unflappable aerodynamic canopy, a lightweight structure and a matchless contemporary design. Since Blunt is confident their products are best in class, they back them up with a 2-year global warranty. You can find out more about this warranty on each product page of the Blunt umbrellas collection.


Fulton’s windproof performance umbrellas: When practicality and elegance meet

Discover Fulton’s collection of wind-resistant umbrellas with evocative names like Hurricane, Storm, Cyclone, Tornado and even Typhoon. This prestigious brand of high-quality umbrellas has created these products in order to provide stylish golfers, hikers and urban dwellers with a fashionable windproof accessory. Don’t be fooled by their elegant retro design: Fulton’s umbrellas feature the latest technology in terms of wind resistance and wind protection.



As you can see in our online store, we have in stock a wide array of windproof umbrellas available for delivery. If you don’t know which product to buy, here are the five criteria you should focus on before deciding on one windproof umbrella in particular.


Point 1: The umbrella’s sturdiness

An umbrella’s wind resistance is proportional to the solidity of its shaft and ribs. The best windproof umbrellas tend to have a fibreglass rather than metal structure, which flex when exposed to gusts of wind. Such wind-resisting umbrellas (like Blunt’s Metro collection) were scientifically tested on violent winds and are equipped with an aerodynamic canopy.


Point 2: The width of its canopy

A reliable wind-tested umbrella should have a wide canopy. Most of the windproof umbrella canopies available in our online store have an open diameter of at least 100 centimetres (or 1 metre). Such dimensions allow the canopy to offer great wind resistance without taking too much space. They can thus easily be used as a travel umbrella


Point 3: The size and weight of your windproof umbrella

As we have stated before, the perfect windproof umbrella must have the sturdiest and most reliable structure. Yet, it should also be as light and compacted as possible, especially once it is closed and packed in your handbag, backpack, briefcase or suitcase.


Point 4: A high level of comfort and practicality

By definition, windproof umbrellas are always destined to be used outside in poor climatic conditions. Therefore, they have to possess the most convenient and practical features such as a comfortable handle and, ideally, an automatic opening.


Point 5: The perfect design

Wind protection should never come at the expense of aesthetic appearances. That is why the brands featured in our online store have created the most stylish windproof umbrellas. Many different shapes, colours and styles are available for you to choose from. Whether you are an urban dweller looking for a modern windproof umbrella, a golfer who likes classicism or a hiker who favours practicality above all, you are guaranteed to find the windproof umbrella of your dreams in our shop!