Childrens Umbrellas

Bright & Fun, our Childrens Umbrella Collection will cheer up any grey day!

Looking for something to put a smile on your little ones faces during the wet weather? Our collection of Childrens Umbrellas offers reliable, safe weather protection as well as a bit of fun on a gloomy day. We stock a large number of both fun and functional umbrellas suitable for boys and girls of all ages as long as they are over 3yrs, from colourful animal kids umbrellas and dynamic 3D Pop-up Umbrellas, to cartoon & film themes umbrellas and children's clear dome umbrellas!

However, if you are looking for something simple without characters or branding, why not also take a look at our plain children's umbrella collection. While we're at it, let's not forget the adults too! We also offer a full range of beautiful Ladies Umbrellas and Gents Umbrellas. All the family can be well-sheltered from the elements at Brolliesgalore.