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Blunt Umbrellas


High Quality Blunt Umbrella Collection now available!

The Blunt Umbrella company was founded in 1999 as its founder, Grieg Brebner, spotted some of the undeniable flaws in classic Umbrella design. Brebner set out to revolutionise umbrella design to counter wind resistance, remove the traditional spikes and create something stylish and long lasting, far beyond the capabilities of the traditional designs. Blunt Umbrellas, windproof umbrellas, are available in a wide variety of colours and sizes now including a folding version! Blunt Umbrellas are a great investment and with the proper care these Designer Umbrellas will last longer and won't need to be replaced as often as the typical umbrella. Indeed, Blunt umbrellas are strong and cost-effective: they have double struts which provide further support and enable you to face all types of weather.
Combining workmanship and innovation, Blunt umbrellas offer great design and functionality.
Get your Blunt umbrella today & Enjoy Free UK Delivery over 30!