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Art Folding Umbrellas


Unique gifts to be found in our Folding Art Umbrella Collection

Do you love the big art umbrellas but donít have much space? Well these Art Folding Umbrellas are perfect for the modern busy lifestyle, as they can easily be packed away and carried around in a bag or car boot, ensuring you are always prepared for a sudden downpour. The Galleria folding art umbrellas are automatic opening umbrellas which open at a touch of a button and are as wide as any other, but typically fold away to around 32cm in length. Press the button again and the canopy collapses, making light work of darting into a shop when its pouring down! They are available in all the favourite art and floral prints, so there is an option to suit any taste. They also make great gifts as they are both useful and fun and easy to gift wrap, as these Folding Umbrellas come boxed rather than with a sleeve which, letís face it, always gets lost in the end!

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