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Vented Umbrellas for Autumn Weather

Now that we are 'officially' in Autumn, we can definitely detect a change in the weather. Not only is it getting darker much earlier, and the dark mornings longer, but we are starting to see the leaves on the trees turning different shades of orange and brown and the breeze in the air has a bit of a chill to it.

We have actually been quite lucky as far as rain is concerned, with September being one of the driest Septembers in the UK in a while, but now that we are heading into October the weather will be changing, becoming more rainy and windy weather becoming more likely.

In these conditions we all want an umbrella that will shelter us from the rain, but also resist the wind, preventing those horrible sitations where the umbrella completely inverts, rendering it useless. Well, at Brolliesgalore we have the solution. Not only do we have a fantastic range of windproof umbrellas which we will be looking at in our blogs in weeks to come, but we also have a variety of vented umbrellas which prevent umbrella inversion by allowing wind to pass through the canopy, thereby reducing windshear and pressure differences that could cause the canopy to flip.

We have a selection of vented umbrellas of various sizes, from folding to XXL golf size. So if you like the selection we have chosen for you today, why not visit our Vented Umbrellas page at Brolliesgalore to see our full range.

Vented Umbrellas for Autumn Weather

Big Top Windbeater Auto Open & Close Vented Folding Umbrella - Black

If you are looking for a vented umbrella but do not want to carry around a larger walking length or golf-sized umbrella, then this stylish folding umbrella might be ideal for you. This umbrella is vented, but folding, so it has portability in mind. The Big Top Windbeater Auto Open & Close Vented Folding Umbrella in Black is an automatic open and close vented black folding umbrella, with a golf sized canopy. Wind resistant as the vents allow strong gusts to pass through the umbrella, with rubberised handle.
  • Automatic opening & closing, 3 section aluminium/fibreglass frame
  • Rubberised handle
  • Vented folding umbrella, with a golf sized canopy
  • Length including handle 33.5cm
  • Span when open approx 125.5cm
  • Weight 470g

Purple Paisley Ladies Golf Umbrella

The Purple Paisley Ladies Golf Umbrella is ideal for ladies who want the size of a golf-size umbrella but are put off by the more masculin-looking styles of traditional golf umbrellas. These incredible Giant Golf Umbrellas were designed with ladies in mind, they are made to the highest standards and feature subtle feminine prints. They have a quality fibreglass shaft and ribs and are automatic opening. The canopy is vented to allow strong gusts of wind to pass through. They have a rubberised straight golf handle, a double strap closure and have a fitted protective sheath.
  • Automatic opening, quality fibreglass shaft and ribs, 8 ribs.
  • Rubberised golf handle and has a fitted protective cover.
  • canopy has wind vents and a double strap closure
  • Length including handle 99cm
  • Span when open approx 120cm
  • Weight 810g

XXL Storm Golf Umbrella by Falcone

If you are looking for a large canopy, then look no further than the XXL Storm Golf Umbrella by Falcone! This umbrella comes with an extra large 145cm diameter vented canopy especially designed to allow the wind to pass through but keeps out the rain. It has a lightweight fibreglass shaft and 8 fibreglass ribs for extra flexibility. Manual opening, unisex, soft touch rubberised golf handle for extra comfort.
  • Manual opening, 8 fibreglass ribs for extra flexibility
  • Fibreglass shaft
  • Soft touch rubberised handle
  • 100% polyester fabric, two velcro fasteners.
  • Length including handle 110cm
  • Span when open approx 145cm
  • Weight 480g
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