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UV Protection Umbrellas


Protect yourself from the glaring sun with one of these UV Protective Umbrellas!

It is never a good idea to leave yourself completely exposed to the sun on a hot day. People are a lot more conscious of the damage the sun can do to your skin. You may want to consider purchasing a UVP parasol which works well at minimising the amount of UV light the body is exposed to. Several of these parasols have a special coating allowing these Sun Parasols to block a large percentage of UV light from entering whilst reflecting additional rays away, keeping the user cool. These UV Protective Umbrellas are also waterproof so you are prepared no matter what the weather throws at you!

Please note however that it is strongly advised that you still continue to use a high SPF suncream when using these umbrellas as they cannot shade you from reflected rays, or provide 100% body-coverage all of the time.