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Introducing the Tiffany Walking Length Umbrella from Rainbow

The new stock keeps coming as we enter the winter season here at Brolliesgalore, and do we have a fabulous new range for you today! If you love a splash of colour and sophistication, then you will simply adore the new Rainbow of Milan Tiffany range at Brolliesgalore!

The Tiffany range features a selection of beautifully made umbrellas from Italian designers, Rainbow. Based in Milan, these designers certainly know a thing or two about creating a fashionable and trendy look, and the Tiffany range is certainly full of character.

Tiffany Umbrellas from Rainbow of Milan at Brolliesgalore

The Tiffany Umbrella is available from Brolliesgalore in six different colours. Featuring a beautiful pearlised polyester canopy, which glistens in the light, the Rainbow of Milan Tiffany has a look of sophistication, while also being exciting. The frame is of a high quality manufacture and now features a new unique clear acrylic curved handle which gradients into a matching canopy colour.

Rainbow of Milan's Tiffany Umbrellas feature an automatic opening mechanism. Indeed, with a touch of a button this umbrella opens with a whoosh allowing you to step out in style, even with a handful of bags! This umbrella is made in Italy to an excellent finish and is at the top of the umbrella range, as such it would make an excellent gift for someone special this winter season, or even better, why not treat yourself too!

Further information about the Rainbow Tiffany Umbrella range:

  • Automatic opening walking-length umbrella
  • Clear Acrylic handle which fades into matching colour
  • Stud fastener on tie band
  • Aluminium Frame with Fibreglass Ribs
  • 100% Polyester Canopy with Pearlised Finish
  • Length closed 89cm
  • Span when open approx 96cm
  • Weight 378g

Cat Umbrellas from Rainbow of Milan

As mentioned  in our last blog post, we have other ranges available from Rainbow of Milan, most famously, our Duck Umbrellas. In addition, we also now stock the Cat Head Umbrellas from Rainbow of Milan too. We mentioned these in our blog last time and they have been selling like hot-cakes this week! So best get in quick if you want one of these delightful Rainbow Folding Cat Umbrellas!

We have this range available presently in seven different colours. These are: Red, Yellow, Emerald, Lilac, Mauve, Stone and Black. Each is a charming manual folding umbrella, finished with high quality Italian made cat's head handle with metallic silver feline features. The handle is painted with a high gloss finish and has a wrist strap. The Cat Umbrella comes with a case with a carry strap/draw string. Like the Tiffany umbrella above, the Cat umbrella makes an ideal gift!

Further information about the Rainbow of Milan Cat Umbrellas:
  • Manual aluminium/fibreglass frame, 8 ribs
  • 3 section aluminium shaft
  • Cat's head shaped handle with high gloss finish and wrist strap
  • High performance polyester pongee cover
  • Length including handle 27cm
  • Span when open approx 90cm
  • Weight 303g
So, have you purchased a Rainbow of Milan umbrella from us before? Which style is your favourite and why? Do let us know as we always love receiving our customers' feedback. You can do this in the comments section below, or why not let us know on our Facebook page too. Here you can follow us and keep up-to-date with all the goings on at Brolliesgalore too! We always look forward to hearing from you.
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You had me at cat umbrellas
Posted By: Sweet Sticky Rainbows - 5 Dec 2014 21:42

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