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Spring Floral Umbrellas - Ideal Brollies for Easter

The weather has certainly improved over the past month, and last weekend saw some spectacularly warm days. However this is also the season of Spring Showers and with the Easter weekend upon us, we certainly don't want to be caught out in the rain when we're enjoying the bank holiday weekend. So in our blog this week we thought we would look at a range of umbrellas that would be ideal for spring.

The Cachemir range of umbrellas is available in three different models. We have the slinger, which is a pencil umbrella that features a carry sling that can be thrown over the shoulder when not in use. We also have the walking length 16 rib umbrella, featuring a wider diameter canopy that provides optimal shelter in the rain, while also being very robust due to the added strength of the extra ribs. Finally we have the beautiful folding umbrella model which comes with its own carry purse.

These umbrellas are available in three different colours - blue, green and pink and each features a beautiful floral pattern that will look wonderful for Spring!

Rather than giving friends and family Easter eggs and flowers this year, why not give the gift of a beautiful Cachemir brolly from Brolliesgalore? An umbrella would make a wonderful gift for someone at Easter time. It's certainly a gift that will last all-year-round, and will be practical as well as pretty!

Floral Trim Slinger Umbrella by Cachemir - Blue

Stylish blue pencil slinger umbrella with a beautiful floral-trimmed. These umbrellas come with a sling sleeve that can be slung over the shoulder to carry the umbrella when not in use. Automatic opening mechanism. The bold coloured canopy has a delightful floral trim, giving this a simple yet stunning look. Black ribbed handle for extra grip.

  • Automatic Opening Slinger Umbrella
  • Comes with carry sleeve for added portability
  • Black ribbed handle
  • Length including handle 80cm
  • Span when open approx 98cm
  • Weight 450g
  • Also available in Green and Pink

16 Rib Floral Walking Length Umbrella by Cachemir - Green

Stylish green walking length umbrella with 16 fibreglass ribs for extra strength. Strong floral-border coloured canopy in Green. These umbrellas are well made and feature an automatic opening mechanism. The 16 panel bold coloured canopy has a delightful floral border, giving this a simple yet stunning look. Clear perspex handle.

  • Automatic opening walking length umbrella
  • 16 ribs for extra strength
  • Perspex handle
  • Length including handle 88.5cm
  • Span when open approx 103cm
  • Weight 490g
  • Also available in Blue and Pink

Mini Floral Folding Umbrella with Case by Cachemir - Pink

Compact and stylish, this pink mini folding umbrella by Cachemir has a delightful floral design. These umbrellas feature a 7 panel floral canopy, and have a manual opening mechanism. For storage and portability the umbrella comes with an elegant storage wallet, allowing it to fit neatly in a handbag or drawer when not in use.

  • Manual opening folding umbrella
  • 7 panel floral patterned canopy
  • Storage wallet
  • Folded length including handle 18cm
  • Span when open approx 89cm
  • Weight 260g
  • Also available in Blue and Green

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