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Senz Umbrellas


Senz - The Original Storm Umbrella

It was personal frustration that led to the ingenious invention of the Senz° original storm umbrella. By understanding the laws of aerodynamics and outsmarting the establishment, senz° created an umbrella that can withstand any weather, even storm winds of up to 80km/h!

Tried and tested – yes – we have maxed out wind tunnels and jumped out of aeroplanes. The Senz° umbrella has received all the major design awards around the world. For a drier day – isn’t it time to see for yourself?!

Senz° windproof umbrellas are also easy to hold. The unique shape adapts to ever changing winds, making them comfortable to carry. Senz° umbrellas will not let you down during stormy weather. Created to withstand strong winds, you won’t face a battle with your umbrella. Senz° umbrellas will also shelter you from the sun as well as the wind and rain, providing a UV Protection Factor of 50+. With the proper care these Designer Umbrellas will last longer and won't need to be replaced as often as the typical umbrella.