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Rosina Wachtmeister Umbrellas


Enchanting Art Umbrellas from Rosina Wachtmeister

Experience the vivid and colourful art of Austrian artist Rosina Wachtmeister. Born in Vienna in 1939, Rosina went on to study fine arts in Brazil. She then relocated to the town of Capena, north of Rome in the late 1960s. Here she drew inspiration from her surroundings, incorporating elements of nature, birds, and her beloved pets into her artwork.

Rosina Wachtmeister's passion for animals, in particular, is also reflected in her art; her vibrant, magical cat figures are famous around the world and we are especially privileged to offer these gorgeous Rosina Wachtmeister art umbrellas on our range of automatic opening walking length umbrellas and automatic open folding umbrellas manufactured with quality frames and canopies by Von Lilienfeld.

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