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How to search for the ideal umbrella on Brolliesgalore

Our blog this week is a bit of a 'how-to' when it comes to finding the ideal umbrella at Brolliesgalore. As many of our regular customers know, we have a vast selection of umbrellas available in our store online, and while many folk come with an idea of the type of umbrella they want, some people want to be able to search through the different styles available to find the particular umbrella they are after.

We offer a number of ways of doing this. First of all we have our main menu system, which has the main category headers for the different broad ranges available, with drop-down menus which appear underneath them, allowing you to refine your search. In addition, we also have our 'Search' field that will allow you to type in the name, or the code, of the item you are looking for. However, this is only really useful if you have a broad idea of the name of the item you want.

A third, and very handy option, that is a newer addition to our website (and is constantly improving) is our Refined Search, which appears on the left-hand-side of the screen when you view a particular category.

Say for example you are looking at the category of Ladies Folding Umbrellas. This shows all the different ladies folding umbrellas available in this category. However, perhaps you want to refine this selection according to different criteria. Well this is now possible using the Refined Search box on the left of the screen (see photo).

The Refined Search Box for Ladies Folding Umbrellas (found on the Left-Hand-Side of the screen)

From this, you can refine your selection by selecting your desired price range, category, style, or brand name - all you need to do is tick the relevant boxes (or in the case of price, enter the range of prices you would like to select). The website will automatically refresh and refine your search accordingly.

We hope this addition to our site will help our customers in finding their way through the wide range of styles available at Brolliesgalore, and we hope you find it a useful addition in finding that ideal umbrella to suit your needs!

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