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Golf Umbrellas in a range of designs

We like to ensure that our umbrella ranges meet the needs of a wide range of people, so we always keep on top of the latest trends, fashions and umbrella designs that are available in the marketplace. One of the more popular umbrellas, particularly for men, is the Golf Umbrella. Due to its large canopy size, these umbrellas respresent great value for money and provide excellent coverage no matter what the weather may throw at you. Indeed, as we now venture into Autumn, and with winter just around the corner, we are seeing an increase in the number of Golf Umbrellas being sold at Brolliesgalore.

Not only does the large size set the golf umbrellas apart from other models of umbrellas out there, the material with which they are made tends to be lightweight and flexible, compared with smaller-sized walking length umbrellas. Our Fibreglass Golf Umbrellas provides a lightweight frame, making these easy to carry, and makes them easier to control in higher wind. Traditional golf umbrellas typically have double ribs for extra strength but most Golfing Umbrellas now come with a fiberglass frame as itís extra strong, light and durable while the ribbing adds that necessary extra strength and flexibility to the wide canopy. They come in a range of colours from the understated to the vivid, and typically also have easy grip handles making these umbrellas the perfect addition to stow away in your car shelf or caddy bag for rainy days.

This week we have chosen a selection from our large range of Golfing Umbrellas, so why not check these out below. If you would like to see our full range, be sure to visit our dedicated Golf Umbrellas page at Brolliesgalore.

Golf Umbrellas at Brolliesgalore

Blunt XL Golf Umbrella - Red

The Blunt XL Golf Umbrella, here in Red, is a revolutionary extra-strong, extra-large red windproof umbrella with Radial Tensioning System. 6 Double struts with telescopic floating ribs. This redirects, transfers and distributes tension right to the edge, where it is needed most. Creating a substantial unflappable, aerodynamic windproof canopy which provides effective shelter even in stormy conditions way beyond the capability of any conventional umbrella. Generous golf sized canopy.
  • By Blunt Umbrellas
  • Easy-to-grip rubberised handle
  • Stylish tube for extra protection and storage
  • Length including handle 94cm
  • Span when open approx 137cm
  • Weight 875g

XXL Storm Golf Umbrella by Falcone

The XXL Storm Golf Umbrella by Falcone is a stylish extra-large 145cm diameter vented canopy especially designed to allow the wind to pass through but keeps out the rain, fibreglass shaft, 8 fibreglass ribs for extra flexibility. Manual opening, unisex, soft touch rubberised golf handle for extra comfort.
  • Manual opening, 8 fibreglass ribs for extra flexibility
  • Fibreglass shaft
  • Soft touch rubberised handle
  • 100% polyester fabric, two velcro fasteners.
  • Length including handle 110cm
  • Span when open approx 145cm
  • Weight 480g

Stormshield Golf Umbrella - White/Black

The Stormshield Golf Umbrella - White/Black is a lightweight extra-strong fibreglass/polypropylene frame with unique vents designed to make this umbrella wind resistant and reduce the risk of turning inside out. Pinch proof runner on a 14mm diameter shaft for extra strength. Manual frame; 8 ribs; extra large golf sized canopy; high performance white & black polyester pongee vented cover.
  • Manual opening, lightweight extra-strong fibreglass/polypropylene frame, 8 ribs
  • By Fulton Umbrellas
  • Easy-to-grip rubberised handle
  • Stylish case for extra protection
  • High performance polyester pongee vented cover
  • Extra large golf sized canopy
  • Length including handle 99cm
  • Span when open approx 130cm
  • Weight 600g
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