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Going boldly where no umbrella has gone before!

With the New Horizons probe exploring the outer edges of our solar system in its historic flyby of Pluto this week, there is a definite buzz about space exploration in the media as we finally complete our tour of the 9 (classic) planets. The probe is still sending back data to us and we will be receiving some fantastically detailed imagery of the surface of Pluto in the coming weeks. But the probe will then head off into interstellar deep space, following the likes of Voyager before it.

We are also buzzing about all this 'space' at Brolliesgalore this week with our brand new New Cosmos Folding Umbrellas from Bisetti! We are the first in the UK to supply these, and they will make ideal gifts for space and sci-fi enthusiasts of all ages!

The Cosmos Manual Folding Umbrella from Bisetti is available in available in Magenta, Blue and Green varieties, each featuring a colourful nebula background with planets. These vivid umbrellaa are ideal for all of those who have ever looked up at the night's sky in awe at its beauty and magnificence!

Compact at only 26cm length when folded, these portable folding umbrellaa are also lightweight at 235g and easy to carry for everyday use. The shaft and ribs are made from lightweight yet strong aluminium, and the weight is further reduced with fibreglass spokes. The canopy provides excellent coverage when opened to its full 97cm span, and is made from quality polyester and will withstand day-to-day weather and winds, keeping you sheltered from the elements here on Earth!

So why not take a browse through these stylish new umbrellas at Brolliesgalore, and go boldly where no one has gone before!

Cosmos Umbrella Details
  • Manual Folding Umbrella with colourful Cosmos design
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Polyester canopy, Aluminium & Fibreglass frame and ribs
  • Clear Perspex Rounded Handle with matching wrist strap
  • Matching protective sheath cover to protect when folded
  • Folded Length 26cm; Span when open 97cm
  • Weight 235g
  • Only £14.99!

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