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Double Canopy Umbrellas at Brolliesgalore

Umbrellas come in all shapes and sizes, to suit all tastes and budgets, and at Brolliesgalore we pride ourselves on the breadth of selection available to our customers at competitive prices. One particular favourite that we continue to find popular with our customers is the Double Canopy Umbrella.

This type of umbrella features two layers of canopy fabric, instead of the usual one. By using two layers of different canopy fabric a whole host of beautiful designs can be achieved. Double layered umbrellas such as these usually come in two main types. The first type features two layers of canopy fabric on top of each other, while the second type features a second layer that covers and hides the ribs from view, giving the umbrella a gorgeous depth and quality feel.

In our blog this week we have chosen a variety of different styles of double canopy umbrella which shows this technique off to great effect. We have double skinned umbrellas to suit a variety of tastes and budgets. What's more is that all of the designs featured in this week's blog are customer favourites, so we certainly won't have these in stock for long. Therefore if you want one you'd better get in quick before they're all gone! These make ideal gifts for family and friends, or why not just simply spoil yourself this season to a quality double canopy umbrella from Brolliesgalore.

Double Canopy Umbrellas at Brolliesgalore

Bright Rainbow - Double Skin Umbrella

This cheerful Double Canopy Rainbow Umbrella is a unisex 14 rib umbrella with black outer canopy and bright rainbow colours under the canopy. Outer canopy scalloped slightly to show the rainbow colours at edges both when open and furled.
  • Automatic opening, black metal shaft and ribs
  • Soft touch black plastic handle
  • Fabric 100% Polyester
  • Length including handle 88cm
  • Span when open approx 100cm
  • Weight 588g

Jack Vettriano Double Canopy Art Print Umbrella - The Singing Butler

The Singing Butler by Scottish artist Jack Vettriano features on this beautiful double-canopy walking length umbrella. It has a plain black outer skin, whilst the print which covers the inner canopy of this double canopy art print walking length umbrella. An "uplifting" image of a couple dancing on damp sand on a beach in Fife whilst their butler & maid attempt to hold onto their umbrellas in the approaching storm. It will make many people smile and chase away any rainy day clouds. It would make an ideal gift for a friend or relation and it gives 100% rain protection and 95% protection from the sun. Automatic frame with a wooden shaft and crook handle.
  • Automatic opening, black metal frame
  • Metal shaft, black plastic crook handle
  • Length 89cm
  • Large canopy approx 96cm when open
  • Weight 435g

Fantasia Red/White Polka Dots Double Canopy Luxury Umbrella by Pasotti

The Fantasia Red/White Polka Dots Double Canopy Luxury Umbrella by Pasotti is an ultra-smart fashionable umbrella made from the finest Italian polyester satin, the outer canopy is a plain bright red and underneath are striking white polka dots on a black background. It has a silver gilt manual metal frame and an offset black crook handle in quality plexiglass inset with 2 rows of Swarovski crystals at the base . The umbrella is held furled by a unique silver gilt ring, so the look of the umbrella is not spoiled by a loose fastening band when open.
  • Automatic opening, silver gilt metal frame
  • Offset black plexiglass crook handle with 2 rows of Swarovski crystals at the base
  • Held furled by a unique silver gilt ring
  • Made in Italy
  • Length including handle 90cm
  • Span when open approx 96cm
  • Weight 570g
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