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Extra Single Umbrellas to add-on to your Umbrella Hire Packs

For when you just need one or two more... 

If you find that the quantities available in our combination or multi-packs do not provide the necessary number of umbrellas required, p

erhaps one pack is too little, but two packs are too much? 

If so, why not add some additional invididual umbrellas to your hire order? 

We have a wide range of individual umbrellas available, including the Large Heart Shaped Umbrellas, that can be added on as extras, allowing you to build your own umbrella pack to suit your needs.

To order any of these extra umbrellas to compliment your hire pack, please enter the name & quantity you require in the comments section of the booking form.

Large Heart Shaped Umbrellas - Hire Price £8 each

The Heart Umbrella is perfect for weddings, special occasions and for everyday use. Available in a range of beautiful colours, this umbrella features a delightful heart-shaped canopy that is also UV protective. It has a very smart ergonomic soft-touch rubberised handle that is colour co-ordinated with the unique heart shaped canopy. The length of these umbrellas including handle is 88 cm, and the span of canopy is large enough for two people at 110cm by approximately 100cm.

White Heart Umbrella for Hire

White Heart

Ivory Heart Umbrella for Hire

Ivory Heart

Pale Pink Heart Umbrella for Hire

Pale Pink Heart

Blue Heart Umbrella for Hire

Something Blue Heart

Fuchsia Heart Umbrella for Hire

Fuchsia Pink Heart

Red Heart Umbrella for Hire

Red Heart

Purple Heart Umbrella for Hire

Purple Heart

Black Heart Umbrella for Hire

Black Heart

Large 'Golf Size' Chauffeur Wedding Umbrellas - Hire Price £5 each

Large White Wedding Umbrella

White Chauffeur

Large Ivory Wedding Umbrella

Ivory Chauffeur

Large Black Wedding Umbrella

Black Chauffeur

Wedding Walker Umbrellas - Hire Price £4 each

White Wedding Walker Umbrella

White Wedding Walker

Ivory Wedding Walker Umbrella

Ivory Wedding Walker

Lily Elegance Umbrellas - Hire Price £7 each

White Lily elegant wedding umbrella

White Lily

Ivory Lily elegant wedding umbrella

Ivory Lily

Black Lily elegant wedding umbrella

Black Lily

Black & White Harlequin Lily elegant wedding umbrella

Harlequin Lily

Lisbeth Flounce Frilled Umbrellas - Hire Price £7 each

White Lisbeth Flounce Frilled Wedding Umbrella

White Lisbeth

Ivory Lisbeth Flounce Frilled Wedding Umbrella

Ivory Lisbeth

Black Lisbeth Flounce Frilled Wedding Umbrella

Black Lisbeth

Romantica Lace Umbrellas - Hire Price £5 each

White Romantica Lace Umbrella

White Romantica

Fuchsia Romantica Lace Umbrella

Fuchsia Romantica

Black Romantica Lace Umbrella

Black Romantica

Purple Romantica Lace Umbrella

Purple Romantica

Ivory Romantica

Ivory Romantica Lace Umbrella

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Hire extra umbrella pots with your hire pack

Umbrella Pots for Hire

We also have additional umbrella pots to hire, allowing you to pick 'n' mix the quantity you would like. These sturdy metal pots are available in black and off-white, in both cylindrical and cuboidal shapes, with drip-trays at the bottom, and will display your hire umbrellas to great effect.

Please note: Only the combination hire packs come with an umbrella pot as standard.

Umbrella Pot Hire Price: £10