Terms and Conditions of Hire

Unless otherwise specifically agreed in writing, all Brolliesgalore umbrella hires are subject to the following terms and conditions, a copy of which can be provided upon request.

Please Note: These Terms and Conditions are for our Umbrella Hire Packs. If you are in advertising and looking to LOAN specific umbrellas for a photoshoot please email [email protected] and she will organise this for you.

1.1 Naysmith Ltd t/a Brolliesgalore is the business entity which hires the items offered here.

1.2 The Hirer is the person or entity which hires items offered here by Brolliesgalore

1.3 The Order Confirmation is the standard contractual document issued by Brolliesgalore

1.4 References to the singular shall also be understood to mean the plural, and vice versa

2.1 In the case of a hire from Brolliesgalore all items hired remain the property of Brolliesgalore.

3.1 All items offered for hire are subject to availability.

3.2 No commitment concerning hire availability is given until Brolliesgalore sends an order confirmation form to the Hirer for signature.

4.General Terms of Hire
4.1 All the umbrellas are carefully quality checked before being dispatched and will meet the high standard of quality and condition that Brolliesgalore has set.

4.2 Any issues concerning the condition, completeness or correctness of items supplied, which are notified to Brolliesgalore by the Hirer when they are received, will be dealt with as much as is possible within the known timescales, and rectified where possible. No guarantee can be possible, however, and any refund will be at the sole discretion of Brolliesgalore. Please note, we cannot refund your hire charges if the umbrellas are not used at the event.

4.3 The condition of all umbrellas is checked when they are returned to Brolliesgalore and any umbrellas which are considered to have been damaged or soiled, to the extent that they cannot reasonably be cleaned or repaired, will be subject to a charge of 1x the Hire price per hired item (see table below).

4.4 The condition of any umbrella stands hired out is checked when they are returned to Brolliesgalore and any stands which are considered to have been damaged, or soiled, to the extent that they cannot reasonably be cleaned or repaired, will be subject to a charge of 2x the Hire price per hired item (see table below).

4.5 Any umbrellas or umbrella stands not returned to Brolliesgalore will be considered as lost and will be subject to a charge of 1x the Hire price (see table below).

Hired Item

Hire Price




4.6 Any umbrellas initially not returned and charged as lost, but which are subsequently returned in good condition to Brolliesgalore will normally have that charge refunded. It is, however, at the sole discretion of Brolliesgalore whether to refund or not.

4.7 All Hires will be charged at the time of order confirmation.

4.8 In case the Hirer wishes to amend the scope of an order (items' number / type / colour etc.), Brolliesgalore will use its' best endeavours to accommodate such requests, and will notify the Hirer of the cost changes.

4.9 No commitment concerning hire availability is given until Brolliesgalore sends an order confirmation form to the Hirer for signature.

5.Delivery and Collection
5.1 The hired items will be delivered to and collected from your home or venue, whichever is more convenient by trackable courier service.

5.2 The operating terms of the courier service used will apply, and details of those terms can be provided upon request. Normally a signature is required.

5.3 Deliveries are scheduled to arrive three working days before your event date. Exact dates will be confirmed on the Brolliesgalore Order Confirmation.

5.4 When returning items, the Hirer must ensure the packaging box is resealed securely and the Return Address label is firmly attached to the package. The courier driver will bring their own delivery labels to be attached to the parcel on collection.

5.5 The items will be collected by courier from the location that the Hirer specifies when ordering. This collection will be scheduled to occur within two working days after your event ends. Exact dates will be confirmed on the Brolliesgalore order Confirmation.

5.6 Failure on the part of the Hirer to effect the collection at the agreed place and time on the agreed date, will normally result in additional courier charges being due by the Hirer as well as additional hire charges or charges for lost items. (see Clause 4.6 above)

5.7 Any changes to confirmed dates for delivery or collection of items are subject to the agreement of Brolliesgalore who will try to accommodate such requests, but who is not bound to agree. Any costs which would arise from such a change will be advised to the Hirer, who must accept them before the change is confirmed.

6.1 Orders can be cancelled. However:

6.1.1 In the case of any orders cancelled 15 days or more from the event date, Brolliesgalore will refund to the Hirer the original payment minus a 15 administration fee.

6.1.2 In the case of orders cancelled within 14 days of the event date no refund is possible.

7.Invoicing and payments
7.1 Brolliesgalore can accept payment via most major credit cards, payment will be taken on receipt of signed order confirmation.

7.2 Brolliesgalore can issue a VAT invoice on request.

8. Responsibilities of the Hirer
8.1 Irrespective of the period of hire, the Hirer takes responsibility for the care of the umbrellas and other items from being lost, damaged or stolen starting from the time the items are signed for at delivery, and ending when the items have been collected from the nominated address.

8.2 To check at the earliest possible opportunity after delivery that the items supplied are complete, correct and in good condition. The items supplied with be listed on the Returns Form included with the umbrellas. Then to notify the Hirer immediately about any issues arising.

8.3 The umbrellas and other items should be returned as dry as possible, in the delivery packaging.

8.4 If umbrellas are lost, stolen or damaged, the returns form must be filled in and included in the box along with the items you are returning, or e-mailed to Brolliesgalore.

8.5 Brolliesgalore will email to the Hirer a Returns Confirmation which will list the items returned by you on your Return Form and any items which are found to be sub- standard during the return inspection. Brolliesgalore will then be entitled to charge the appropriate amount indicated on the Return Form

9. Legal Notices
9.1 Hiring, and any other contractual agreements made with Brolliesgalore shall be governed and construed in accordance with Scots Law.

9.2 The legal address of Naysmith Ltd t/a Brolliesgalore is Unit 5/6 Polbeth Industrial Estate, West Calder, West Lothian, EH55 8TJ

9.3 Other than expressly stated on the Order Confirmation issued by Brolliesgalore no warranty is implied or given concerning the hire of items, nor their availability, including delays caused in transit to the event.

9.4 The Hirer shall indemnify Brolliesgalore against any costs or claims arising from any personal injury or damage to, or loss of any property arising from or connected with the hire, use, miss-use, non-return or any other circumstance involving the items, in any way during the period of hire or subsequently.