Product Rating
5 / 5
Great item and good speedy delivery. Thanks!!!
Judith F. 3/8/2019 at 00h57
5 / 5
The yellow is favorite and hardest to get.
George C. 3/13/2017 at 17h14
5 / 5
Amanda W. Brilliant service. 7/11/2016 at 11h53
4 / 5
Perfect umbrellas for wedding shoot. Not sure how long the material would last but the mechanism seemed quite sturdy. Yellow would look better if it had white or light coloured lines inside (instead of black).
Dale c. 9/13/2015 at 18h34
5 / 5
Was quick delivery and I am happy with the product I would definitely recommend the company to a friend.
Christine B. 4/23/2015 at 23h07
4 / 5
Egg yolk yellow, bright and sunshiney! The quality of the plastic isn't the best but it seems pretty sturdy and is withstanding quite strong winds. I just love to press the button that opens it!
Beth P. 10/25/2014 at 02h58
5 / 5
Deborah s. 4/17/2014 at 10h42
3 / 5
Great value for the price, the handle is not as I imagined but in all it's a sturdy brolly and I love the colour.
Helen S. 4/16/2014 at 22h37
We have now improved the images of the colour range.
Brolliesgalore 4/17/2014 at 09h58