Product Rating
5 / 5
I have several of these parasols and I particularly love the chocolate colour. They are very effective in protecting against strong sunlight and look most attractive. I wish the paper was slightly stronger, but their fragility is part of their beauty.
Gillian K. 9/9/2016 at 15h03
5 / 5
I perform as part of a burleque troupe and a couple of our routines use parasols as props. I've wanted to get my own for some time now. I've looked around a number of places and came across this parasol.I was a bit concerned with the wooden catch, the ones we use normally have a metal catch. I'd planned on getting used to the parasol before using it in a show, one of the other girls told me to use it in our show last weekend though. So glad I did as it worked better than I could have dreamed.
Jenna P. 6/3/2016 at 00h46