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Brollies for when it's Raining Cats & Dogs!

Where has the year gone? It doesn't seem that long ago we were discussing our new umbrellas for Spring and Summer, and now we are into August and it will soon be Autumn! Still, the weather still seems to be behaving for the most part and we are still seeing some gloriously beautiful summer weather. Nevertheless, we are also seeing days of seemingly non-stop rain, so it's always worthwhile taking a brolly with you when it's raining cats and dogs!

And this brings us to the theme of our blog today. No, not rain, but 'cats and dogs'. At Brolliesgalore we have a delightful range of umbrellas full of feline and canine character, so we thought we would feature these in our blog today. Whether it is our gorgeous Galleria Art Print umbrellas featuring a cats and dogs theme, or our beautiful new Black Dog and Black Silhouette Umbrellas, you are sure to find an umbrella to suit your tastes.

So today we bring you some brand new styles to our blog, and some old favourites. We are a nation who truly love our domestic pets! Most dogs and cats donít like to go out in the rain any more than their owners do, but with these bright and humorous Dog & Cat Umbrellas youíll be prepared to step outside when the heavens open and it is truly raining cats and dogs!

Cat & Dog Umbrellas at Brolliesgalore

Dogs on Tour Art Print Walking Length Umbrella

Well here you have all the dogs you could possibly love going for a drive in a car. In our new Dogs on Tour Art Print Walking Length Umbrella, a Spaniel drives, and Beagles, a Jack Russell, Golden Retriever, Schnauzer, Collie and St Bernard puppies sit in the back enjoying the air and having so much fun.This walking length art umbrella will make many people smile and chase away any rainy day clouds. It would make an ideal gift for a friend or relation and it gives 100% rain protection and 95% protection from the sun. Automatic frame with a wooden shaft and crook handle.
  • Automatic opening, black metal frame
  • Wooden shaft and crook handle with wooden tips
  • Length 89cm
  • Large canopy approx 96cm when open
  • Weight 435g

Superslim Mini Folding Umbrella - Cats

The Cats Superslim Umbrella by Fulton Umbrellas is a very trendy umbrella that has a repeating stripe pattern of white cats sitting on a back canopy, black soft touch handle and matching wrist strap. Manual opening with special frame construction designed to withstand inversion in normal wind conditions. To revert to its normal shape, close then open the umbrella. Rustproof frame, reinforced for extra strength. 3 stage exceptionally lightweight aluminium & fibreglass frame - 6 ribs. High performance lightweight polyester fabric. Extremely compact, only 3cm wide yet still opens to full size.
  • Manual opening, 3 stage lightweight aluminium & fibreglass frame - 6 ribs
  • Rustproof frame, reinforced for extra strength
  • Special frame construction designed to withstand inversion in normal wind conditions
  • High performance lightweight polyester fabric
  • Extremely compact, only 3cm wide yet still opens to full size
  • Length including handle 22cm
  • Span when open approx 86cm
  • Weight 145g

The Flat Cat Folding Umbrella

The Flat Cat Folding Umbrella is a charming manual folding umbrella by Clifton Umbrellas featuring many different cat characters in white on a black canopy, plain black underneath. This is a must have for all cat lovers. With a fibreglass rib tips giving extra flexibility, the frame will withstand normal wind conditions.
  • Manual black metal frame with fibreglass rib tips and 8 ribs
  • Rustproof frame, reinforced for extra strength
  • High performance polyester fabric
  • Length including handle 25cm
  • Span when open approx 89cm
  • Weight 330g
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Nice informative post. I was looking out for some dog umbrellas for my pet when i came across your post.. Thanks for sharing this article. Keep
posting similar stuff.
Posted By: Michael - 5 Oct 2015 12:19

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