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German Engineered Performance Umbrellas from Fare

Before Christmas we started stocking a new range of umbrellas that proved to be extremely popular with our customers. The Fare range of performance umbrellas are engineered in Germany, so have been designed to an excellent specification while also being excellent value for money.

Based north-east of Cologne in Remscheid, Fare was founded in the mid 1950s and their company has grown to provide quality umbrellas worldwide that stand the test of time. The Fare Performance umbrellas have all been designed with quality components, from FlexBar ribs for greater flexibility in the wind, Teflon coated canopy for enhanced waterproofing to Ultra-Violet protection, you can be assured that these umbrellas will protect you  well, whatever the weather may bring.

We have selected a few to feature in our blog this week, but the range we have is vast, so be sure to also checkout our Fare Performance Range category page to see the full selection.

Performance Windfighter Auto Open Walking Length Umbrella - Anthracite & Lime

This Anthracite & Lime performance range walking length umbrella features an automatic open mechanism for quick opening. This walking length Windfighter umbrella features a high-quality windproof frame for maximum flexibility in windy conditions with flexible fibreglass ribs and an overall attractive design with its matching lime green coloured fibreglass ribs, handle rings. Sturdy and stable steel shaft. Comfortable Soft-Touch crook handle with integrated push-button. Manufactured by Fare.
  • Automatic Open Push-Button action
  • Fibretec High Flexibility Fibreglass Ribs
  • Performance Wind Resistant Walking Length Umbrella
  • Soft-touch handle
  • Length including handle 89cm
  • Span when open approx 112cm
  • Weight 515g

UVP 50+ Auto Open Folding Umbrella with Nature Print - Forest

This UVP50+ Forest Nature Print Umbrella by Fare is a stylish folding umbrella features a convenient automatic function for quick opening. It has a high quality wind-resistant frame featuring a black coated outer canopy with sun protection factor (UPF 50+). The underside of the canopy features a beautiful photographic print of the sun breaking through a forest canopy. Frame provides flexibility in stormy conditions, chromed steel shaft. Soft-Touch coated handle with raised push-button. Manufactured by Fare.
  • Automatic open, lightweight wind resistant frame
  • UVP 50+ coated polyester pongee canopy
  • Soft-touch coated handle
  • Matching sleeve for storage in between uses
  • Length including handle when folded 30cm
  • Span when open approx 96cm
  • Weight 470g

UV Protective SPF50+ Two-Tone Automatic Opening Folding Umbrella - Grey & Copper

This stylish walking length umbrella features a two tone grey & copper UV protective canopy, with an SPF rating of 50+. It has an automatic opening mechanism that opens the canopy a the push of a button. This walking length umbrella features a high-quality windproof frame with fibreglass ribs for maximum stability flexibility in stormy conditions, and a sturdy and stable galvanised steel shaft to protect against corrosion. It has a high quality polyester pongee fabric canopy. Comfortable Soft-Touch crook handle with integrated push-button. Manufactured by Fare.
  • Automatic open push-button action
  • Fashionable two tone polyester pongee canopy
  • Wind Resistant Frame
  • 8 Panel Canopy
  • Two tone canopy design
  • Length including handle 80cm
  • Span when open approx 105cm
  • Weight 450g
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NEW Metallic Domes available at Brolliesgalore

Our blog this week is perfect if you like a bit of sparkle in your life! We have a lovely new line of metallic domes from Susino, available at Brolliesgalore. Taking inspiration from 80s chic, these domes are perfect for those who enjoy a touch of glamour in their lives. 

These exciting umbrellas are available in two different models, with three colour options each. 

The first model that we are sure is going to be a hit, is the full metallic dome umbrella. Available in Pink, Blue and Silver, the exterior of this canopy has a strong metallic colour, while the inside is metallic silver. These are perfect for those rainy days, and the canopy provides a comfortably sized dome that covers your head and shoulders. These also have an automatic opening frame, so they are easy to put up at the touch of a button!

Susino Metallic Dome Umbrellas

If the full metallic canopy isn't to your taste, and you prefer a hint of shimmer, but want the practicality of a clear dome that allows you to see the way ahead, why not try the Metallic Border version of these gorgeous brollies! These are also available in Pink, Blue and Silver options, and they offer the same automatic frame as the range above, but have a see-through canopy with a shimmering thick metallic border to the canopy edge.

Susino See-Through Dome Umbrellas with Metallic Border

These metallic domes from Susino definitely make a statement, and are the perfect accessory for the fashion conscious. At £12.95 each, these also make a wonderful gift idea for friends & family! So why not visit our Susino page today to see our full range!

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Exciting Colour Changing Umbrellas from Floss & Rock

Colour Changing Children's Umbrellas by Floss & Rock Now Available

Today's blog is one for the kids! And to be honest, with the umbrellas we're chatting about today, I'm sure some adults out there wish they could have these too! I know I would definitely love one! :)

The range of exciting colour changing umbrellas is now back in stock. We've been waiting for a little while for some of these to be available again, as they were so popular at Christmas. 

These fun umbrellas each have exciting designs, full of cartoon characters that relate to a particular theme. So whether your kid loves Space, Unicorns, Princesses or Animals, you are sure to find the perfect colour changing umbrella for them today at Brolliesgalore.

Floss & Rock Colour Changing Children's Umbrellas

Each umbrella, as you can see from the before and after photographs, changes colour in its own special way when it's raining. You can be sure your kid will love going out on these grey rainy days of winter with one of these fun umbrellas. They also make the walk to school a bit more enjoyable too when the weather turns.

So why not browse some of the range below and see which theme your child likes? To see our full range, browse our Colour Changing Umbrellas category now.

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What Umbrella is best for Stormy Weather? - Brave the storms with a windproof umbrella

Brave the Storms with an Umbrella from Brolliesgalore

Another weekend, another storm. Or at least that's how the weather is feeling just now in the UK. Last weekend we had the very treacherous Storm Ciara, and this weekend we are due to experience Storm Dennis. These two storms have book-ended a week of punctuated heavy snowfall and rainfall throughout the UK. So we hope that you are all staying safe this and not venturing out if at all possible.

It does however appear that this year's winter is going to be a very rainy and blustery one, with deep Atlantic lows reaching our shores thanks to the conveyor belt of the jet stream. So, if you do need to brave the weather this season, it is always worth keeping a trusty umbrella with you at all times.

We have a range of umbrellas that are ideal for windier conditions, so we thought we would add our suggested pick to this week's blog as some possible options for you to choose from.

What Umbrella is best for Stormy Weather?

First and foremost, we would suggest looking at the Blunt range of umbrellas. These continue to be favourites with our customers, and have sold well since we started selling them a few years ago. The Blunt Umbrella company was founded in 1999 as its founder, Grieg Brebner, spotted some of the undeniable flaws in the standard umbrella design. He then set out to revolutionise umbrella design to make them wind resistant, robust and aerodynamic, while also taking away the traditional spikes that can pose a poking hazard! Blunt umbrellas have been field-tested in winds up to force 12 (117 km/h) and have expanded their range to include Golf, Classic and Folding Designs in a range of colours. They are the perfect choice for stormy days! You can see the full Brolliesgalore range of Blunt Umbrellas here.

Blunt Umbrellas at Brolliesgalore

Side View of the Blunt Classic Navy Windproof Umbrella

Another choice is the Performance Range from German manufacturers, Fare. We recently started selling these in Autumn 2019, and the entire Fare range has been very popular with our customers, as they have all been designed with stormy weather in mind. No umbrella is perfect and infallible, but the Fare Windbeater Performance Umbrellas come close as they provide a robust and lightweight flexible fibreglass frame that withstands inversion, while also providing excellent waterproofing and canopy coverage thanks to its large walking-length Teflon coated canopy, keeping you well-sheltered from the rain. We have featured the classic black version of this umbrella, below, which is perfect for every day use, but we also have this model available in Grey too. Why not also visit our Fare Performance Umbrella category to see the full range available?

Inside Inverted-Canopy View of the Fare Windbeater Performance Umbrella

A final choice today comes from our vented range of umbrellas. These offer windproofing by means of a vent in the canopy, allowing the wind to pass through easily, lessening the chance of inversion, while still keeping you protected from the rain. Made by British Umbrella manufacturers, Fulton, the Stormshield Vented Umbrella is the perfect choice if you need a large canopied golf umbrella, that is also robust in windy conditions. It is the perfect choice on stormy days thanks to its lightweight extra-strong fibreglass & polypropylene frame featuring unique vents designed to make this umbrella wind resistant and reduce the risk of turning inside out. The rubberised handle provides a comfortable grip and the umbrella also features a pinch proof runner on a sturdy shaft for ease of use. The extra large golf sized canopy provides generous coverage, and the canopy is made from high performance polyester pongee. This is also available in a range of different colours. Why not visit our full range of Vented Umbrellas at Brolliesgalore today and browse our range?

If you liked these, please let us know in the comments below, or on our social media channels. Be sure to also visit our Windproof Umbrellas and Vented Umbrellas sections to browse our entire range.  Which umbrella would you prefer or recommend for stormy weather? 
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New Fulton Parasoleil UVP Umbrellas for 2020

The days still may be short, gloomy and cold, but we are already starting to see new product lines arriving for Spring & Summer 2020. Even more exciting is that we now have some early arrivals from Fulton available, that we are sure you will love!

Fulton's popular Parasoleil parasol-umbrellas have three new beautiful contemporary designs available for Spring & Summer 2020 - choose from gorgeous pastel colours with polkadot & floral patterns. These fabulous umbrellas are not only fully waterproof, but they also offer full SPF50+ UV protection. So be sure to keep yourself protected from the sun and the rain with a new Parasoleil UVP umbrella. Get ready for the sunny summer weather by checking them out on our
Fulton Umbrellas page at Brolliesgalore!

New Parasoleil UVP50+ Umbrellas from Fulton

Fulton Parasoleil UVP SPF50+ Umbrellas & Parasols for 2020

Thee Parasoleil is a lightweight folding UV protective (SPF 50+) parasol designed and manufactured by Fulton. Although most of us love the sun, unprotected exposure can be harmful. Fulton's high performance waterproof fabric has been technically developed to block more than 99% of incident UV. This manual, folding umbrella's shake dry water repellency and acrylic waterproofing features coupled with it's UV protective layer offers high protection from sun and rain. These Fulton Parasoleils are available in three new designs, new for Summer 2020. These are (from left to right above):
The parasoleil is lightweight, convenient and benefits from a wind resistant design. It comes in its own slimline case with silver trim and cheerful sun emblem zip pull.

Please note: This umbrella is mainly a parasol, although it is waterproof it can be used in light rain and has a wind resistant frame (which means it can be blown inside out and reversed without damage to the frame) It is not a windproof umbrella and due to the size of the canopy will not give a lot of cover from the rain.

Product Details:
  • Manual opening
  • lightweight wind resistant frame
  • 6 panel canopy
  • scalloped edge
  • Specially developed high density acrylic waterproof canopy with reflective silver coating
  • Additional anti UV protective layer
  • Healthy, cool and comfortable
  • High protection from sun
  • Unique shading qualities
  • Keeps you cooler and more comfortable
  • Length including handle 25cm
  • Span when open approx 98cm
  • Weight 220g
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The Christmas 2019 Pasotti Luxury Umbrella Collection

The Pasotti Collection

The gorgeous new Pasotti Collection has arrived at Brolliesgalore, just in time for Christmas, expanding our range of these delightful handmade Italian designer umbrellas.

Pasotti Umbrellas are the height of luxury, and make the perfect gift for those who deserve something extra-special. Founded in the mid-1950s by Ernesta Pasotti, the design team is now overseen by her daughter Eva Giacomini and Eva's husband Mauro Begotti. Over the past 60 years they have produced a stunning array of different styles of umbrellas, each a masterpiece in its own right. We are delighted to have a selection of umbrellas from Pasotti's new collection for Autumn/Winter 2019/20 that we know our customers will simply adore.

The Red Dahlia

The Red Dahlia is available in both double canopy and single canopy versions, the Red Dahlia Umbrella by Pasotti, features a gorgeous floral burst of vivid red over the entire canopy. Set against a golden beige background, the striking red colour is even more apparent. Combined with a quality frame and high-quality fabric, both of these umbrellas expand our already large range of floral Pasotti umbrellas available at Brolliesgalore.

Flamingo & Pink Dahlia

If you are looking for an umbrella that is not only stunning, but also full of character, look no further than the Floral Double Canopy Umbrella with Enamelled Flamingo Head handle. This sumptuous designer umbrella by Pasotti features a double canopy construction, with a black satin exterior canopy and an inner canopy that blooms with the pink hues of a Pink Dahlia flower. Add to this the charming handpainted enamelled Flamingo Head handle, this umbrella is the perfect choice for those who love quality that is also distinctive.

Why not take the time to browse the full range of Pasotti Luxury Designer Umbrellas at Brolliesgalore.

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